Every business person knows the importance of a corporate lawyer. They are one of two essential employees that should be first on the hire list for every new company, along with an accountant. Both of these will help set up the business and ensure that no harm comes to it.

It doesn’t matter whether you are starting a big or a small company, you will need a business lawyer. They will make sure that every permit is present and that everything in the enterprise is by the law. Failure to do this will result in court processes where you will have to pay for an attorney and still pay various fees. Having a corporate lawyer will prevent that from happening.

The skills that a business lawyer should have

You can’t just hire the first lawyer whose ads you see. You also shouldn’t hire a first corporate lawyer that responds to your add. There are different branches of business law, and very few lawyers have extensive knowledge of all laws within it. Those that show extensive knowledge will cost you a lot, but sometimes they are worth the money. But the best option for you is to look for a lawyer who specialized in dealing with work that matches your company. This will save you some money, and you will still get a good lawyer that will keep your money in the enterprise’s account.

If you started a real estate agency, for example, then you will need a lawyer that understand the legal bindings of the contract between a company and its clients, as well as bonds between the agency and the opposing parties in a deal. That lawyer doesn’t need the knowledge about taxes and such things; they have to know everything about real estate to help you get better deals for your clients.

If you started a company that works on innovation field, then you should hire a lawyer that specialized in intellectual property. They will help you with paperwork that will ensure that no one can steal your patent or use your innovation to create something similar without your approval. You will find that attorneys that deal with intellectual property don’t pursue any other business law paths.

Interview – the perfect opportunity to check the lawyer

Don’t just hire a lawyer when you go through their credentials, call several of them on an interview. That interview should serve you to find out more about the lawyer or to be more precise to find things that aren’t written on the paper.

There won’t be a section in the advert where it says what kind of connections a business lawyer has. A lawyer that has many connections is worth more than two or three attorneys that have none. The links will allow them and indirectly you, to step out of the boundaries and achieve things that aren’t possible without external help.

Also, check whether the lawyer has other clients from the same industry. The legal code prevents them from sharing sensitive data with other customers, but you don’t want to risk a leak (money can do strange things to people and lawyers are people as well).